About Us

Just-Valet our vision is to connect car specialists all across England with people who are looking for professional Car Valeters& Detailers in their local area. We are working hard to partner up with the most reliable companies that will ensure your car is taken care of to the highest of standards. Just-Valet something new and innovative in the market we have created an online platform where businesses can sign up and show their services/reviews/work they have carried out and the other side customers can easily type their postcode hand select the best company for their vehicle, enjoy a live chat or book online choosing a date and time that is convenient for you to be booked and pay online, With a few clicks your car will be booked in.

At Just-Valet, our main aim is to provide you with top-notch services near you easily and quickly. So regardless of our needs and budget, we have hundreds of mobile valeting companies listed on our site and growing daily. Book online now at Just-Valet!

Our Mission

At Just Valet, our mission is to simplify and enhance the car cleaning experience for everyone involved. We understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained vehicle, and we’re dedicated to making it easier than ever to find reliable valeters who can meet your needs.

What Sets Us Apart
At Just Valet, we take pride in our commitment to revolutionise the car cleaning industry by providing a level of service and convenience that sets us apart from the rest. Here’s what makes us unique:
1Founder’s Vision
Our journey began with the visionary founder, Haris, who not only had a deep understanding of the car valet industry but also a profound desire to bridge the gap between car owners and valet professionals. His dedication to creating a simplified, unified platform has been the driving force behind Just Valet’s success.
2Empowering Valet Professionals
We believe in empowering the backbone of our industry - the valet professionals. By keeping the costs of establishing an online presence low for valeters, we enable them to showcase their skills and connect with a broader customer base. Just Valet isn’t just a platform; it’s a support system for the hardworking individuals who make your cars shine.
3Community & Trust
We’re more than just a booking platform; we’re a community. Our commitment to fostering trust and transparency between car owners and valeters is at the heart of what we do. We encourage open communication, provide a platform for honest reviews, and ensure that every interaction is built on trust.
4Money-Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy with your valet service for a genuine reason, please don’t hesitate to make a complaint. We take your concerns seriously and will promptly investigate them. If valid, you’ll receive a full refund. We stand by the quality of service provided by our valet professionals.
5Innovation & Convenience
Our platform is a testament to innovation and convenience. We’ve created a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of searching for valeters, reading reviews, and booking services. Whether you prefer the ease of mobile/offsite valeting or the experience of drive-in/onsite valeting, we’ve got you covered.
6Passion for Cars
At Just Valet, we share your passion for cars. Our team consists of car enthusiasts who understand the value of a well-maintained vehicle. We’re driven by our love for automobiles and the desire to provide you with the best possible car cleaning experience.

Our Story

Just Valet was born out of a simple yet powerful idea that aimed to transform the car valet industry into something extraordinary. Meet Harist, the visionary founder of Just Valet, and the driving force behind this remarkable journey.

A Thriving Market,
an Unfulfilled Need

Haris was no stranger to the world of car valeting. He had been operating his own valet company for years, serving a growing customer base. It was clear to him that this was a thriving market with active customers and skilled service providers. However, there was a glaring gap in the industry – a lack of a unifying, straightforward way to connect them seamlessly.

The Spark of Innovation

One day, while meticulously cleaning a customer’s car, Haris had a eureka moment. What if he could create a platform that streamlined the entire process for both car owners and valeters alike? He envisioned a digital hub that would simplify the way people accessed car cleaning services while keeping the costs of establishing an online presence low for the hardworking valet professionals.

Empowering Both Sides

With this vision in mind, Harist set out on a mission to bring his idea to life. He believed that by empowering both car owners and valeters, he could make a significant impact on the industry. Haris was determined to provide a platform that was not only convenient and reliable but also fostered a sense of community and trust.

A Labor of Love

The journey to create Just Valet was no easy task. Harist poured his heart and soul into every aspect of the platform’s development. He meticulously curated a team of dedicated individuals who shared his passion for cars and commitment to excellence. Together, they worked tirelessly to turn his dream into a reality.

Just Valet Is Born

After months of hard work, late-night brainstorming sessions, and countless cups of coffee, Just Valet was finally born. It was more than just a platform; it was a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and the desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

Join Us on This
Extraordinary Journey

Today, Just Valet stands as a beacon of convenience, quality, and community in the car cleaning industry. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey that started with a simple idea and grew into something much greater. Whether you’re a car owner seeking a trusted valeter or a skilled professional looking for new opportunities, we’re here to connect you, empower you, and ensure that your car cleaning experience is nothing short of exceptional.